Jul 18, 2011

Youtube preview

So I decided to put a little preview of my song up on youtube for you all to hear!
The song is far from finished, so I just too a small part of the beginning, to let you all get a feeling of the song!
The song is called "Without you", I hope you will enjoy this exclusive preview! ;)

Jul 17, 2011

My first song

Today was a very productive day in terms of making my first song.

It is titled "without you" and it is a song I originally wrote back in 2005. It has been freshened up and new lyrics have been added!
We also got the arrangement of the entire song down, and now it is up to Yamazaki-san to do the instrumental arrangement and recordings.
He will send me the finished result sometime this week, and I will review it, and if it's good, we will be recording it on sunday at the studio in Harajuku.

I was supposed to have studied for my exams after Yamazaki-san went home, but I couldn't stop thinking about my song, we added a new chorus, and thus I had to come up with a great chorus lyric too.
It's a bit of a challenge, but I finally got the lyrics down, and I am now waiting for the "instrumental" version of my song to be finished!

I am very satisfied with the outcome of todays work.
I love making music!

A journey begins...

I have set out on a journey towards the stars, and I want share my quest with you all.
This blog will follow my journey towards the summit of my dreams, becoming a professional singer/songwriter.

It started when I was just a child. I was always singing and set up small plays with my sister, which we would make people watch.
As I grew older, I still loved to sing, but never really did much about it, until the age of 16, where my talents where discovered by my music teacher at the time. He helped me nurture my talent, and made me believe in my ability to sing.
That is when I realised, I would become a singer.
Alas, I was led astray on the path of education, since I was not able to read sheetmusic, I could not enter the school for music, and thus I let my dream of becoming a singer, sink into the background.
I then took an education as a graphics designer, though in the meantime, I had developed a new interest, namely in anime and manga. I began to cosplay in 2003, and I decided to study Japanese after I finished my graphics design education.
Once in a while I went to auditions, but I never really tried hard enough. My dream was always left in the corner of my concience.
I then entered Copenhagen University on Asian studies, with a major in Japanese. I spent a lot of time, trying to follow my interest in Japanese, but it only led to a lot of problems, and in the end, I had to take a break from it all.
I then applied for a scholarship in 2010, from Tokai University, and I got the scholarship.
For almost a year now, I have been living and studying in Japan. It was not until after the big quake, I realised what I had been doing my whole life. I had been avoiding following my heart and my one true dream, because I was simply afraid of failure! Thus I chased interests in several directions, in the hope of finding a stable ground to stand on, without realising that I was just running away from my fears.
March 2011, I woke up, and looked myself in the mirror. "who are you" ? I am Liuwina, and I will follow my dream, I will NOT just sit here and wait for a miracle to happen, it will not happen. I have to fight for my dream, I have to live every moment, for my dream! I will not falter! I will not give up!

So I started looking for oportunities to sing.
I found a band named R.I.O, which needed a female singer for the band, as a stand-in for their original singer, who was on sickleave.
Recently I found a producer named Yamazaki Toshihiro, who will help me write and produce 3 songs, before I return to Denmark. I will have a Demo CD with 3 of my own songs, lyrics written by myself, and music produced by Toshihiro and me.

I can hardly believe that in less than 4 months, I have taken such a huge leap towards my goal.
This is my story, and this is how it begins...
Will you follow me to the end and beyond?

Welcome to the quest in reaching for the stars!