Sep 17, 2011

Reaching for the stars

Hello again everyone!

I am now back at the dorm in Hiratsuka, and I had time to sit down and make a preview video of my 3rd song.
The name of the song is "reaching for the stars" and it is dedicated to my friend Mao Tezuka, who unfortunately took her own life, in April this year.
She meant so much to me, and I am still blaming myself for not being able to stop her.
But I know I have to live on, and become stronger, and show her that dreams can come true.

This preview is of the first melody idea for the song, it is not yet finished, and some changes will occur to the final version. Also I was sick when we recorded this, so my voice is really awful! I am sorry for the bad quality.
Please remember, that this is still just a raw version, and far from a finished song!

I hope you will enjoy this small tribute video for my dear friend Mao, may she be happy where she is now.

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Thank you!

Sep 12, 2011

More travelling!?!

Hello again everyone.

I feel I have to blog more about what is going on in my life, and not just about the song project.
I bet there's someone out there who'd find it interesting, but of course, there might not be either. Oh well, I will just give it a shot, and try to invite you in to my world.
At the moment, I am at a Japanese Ryokan (guesthouse) in Kamakura, or rather, in the suburbian area of Kamakura. What am I doing at a ryokan you might ask, and why? Well, two of my childhood friends are currently visiting me in Japan, and we have been travelling a bit around Japan. First we went to Kyoto, and then we took a trip to Inari and Nara. It has been so great to see all these places!
I especially loved the calm of the forrest at Inari shrine, it was really amazing, except for the mosquitos!

From Kyoto we went to Yokohama by the nightbus, and went to Kamakura, to leave our luggage at the Ryokan. It's a really nice place, it looks very traditional, and has tatami flooring and futon beds.
I can recommend it, for the traveller, who would like to see a traditional side of Japan.

Tomorrow I have to go to Tokyo early to vote. There is an election comming up in Denmark, and I find it very important to give my vote to this election, but I have to send my vote from the Danish embassy, and it has to reach Denmark by mail before the 15th, in order to count on the voting.
Which is why it HAS to be tomorrow, first thing.
I have to get up at 6, in order to be able to arrive at Shibuya around 9 am, when the embassy opens.
Mornings, are not something I am very fond of, especially not when I have to get up early! I am sooo very good at getting up LATE and going to bed very late!

On the 14th I will be at the studio again, to work on my songs. The last two of them!
I really hope that I can get some writing going, since I am having a bit of problem with the last song. I want to write a beautiful song for my friend who killed herself, but I don't know how to describe my feelings. I really want to sing a beautiful song to her. but the words won't come out right! ;_;
When here in Kamakura, I can't stop thinking about her. This is where she lived. This is where we had so much fun, just a couple of weeks before she died. And also, the last time I saw her, she was lying in a casket, body looking like an empty shell, I could feel that "she" was not there anymore. "she" was gone, and what was left, was but an empty shell, that once contained a beautiful soul.
I miss her..

Sep 6, 2011

Without you, in production

After a very loooooong night, with not a wink of sleep, I got up at 9 am and got ready to go to Harajuku.
The studio is not very far from Harajuku station and Takeshita street. Ah, you gotta love Takeshita street with all those lovely shops! I especially love Bodyline, which is CHEAP yet has awesome clothes.
I arrived at the studie almost an hour before the designated meeting time, but I wanted to take some time warming up my body and voice.
The recording went fairly smooth, I had a few off's here and there, but we had a very good and productive session. Toshihiro, the producer, told me, that he thought I was really good, and that my pitch was hardly off. He wasn't used to having such a productive first take with a singer, and seemed to be rather impressed.
He told me, that not many singers, can sing excactly the same way twice, but I have that ability. I guess in that sense, I am kinda like a taperecorder...I am very very good at repeating something I have learned by heart. I just didn't know how well I actually did said thing. But today I got to hear it, he took two recordings and played them at the same time, they sounded excactly the same.
Honestly I didn't know that that kind of ability was something to be proud of. But he told me to be very proud. So I will be.
He sent me a raw mix version of the song, which is far from finished in any way, but it gives you a sense of the song. So I decided to put it on youtube, so that everyone has a chance to follow my progress!
I hope everyone will enjoy my song!
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Sep 5, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow is the day where I will finally record my FIRST SONG! "Without you"!
I have the studio booked from 1pm to 4pm! Hopefully that will be enough recording time! Cuz i am really short on cash!
The biggest hurdle for me to get over now is the money problem. It costs me 30000 yen pr. song, and I am trying to make a DEMO which usually contains 3 songs. That means it will be 90000 yen in total for 3 songs. If I spend more than 3 hours recording each song, I will have to pay 7500 yen pr. extra hour that I spend.
It really is rather expensive to be a musician, don't you think?
I have managed to get 60000 yen in funding from my family and boyfriend. But I need to collect the last 30000 yen for the last song. And I have no idea, how to collect that money. Because I have almost no money left from my scholarship by now, and I don't earn enough or have enough shifts at my job to cover it either.

I really hope, that I somehow will be able to find the money somewhere.
I could try one thing, everyone who donates money to me, will get a signed copy of the demo CD.  Any donation is accepted with sincere gratitude. Donations can be send by my paypal account:!
If you leave a donation, please write your name and address, so I know where to send the CD to!

The CD will be sent sometime in November I expect! I want you to have a really nice product, so I will be designing a nice looking cover and the CD will be printed professionally.
I will personally sign every single copy for those who donate to this project!

I hope that people will support me and this project, only with your help, can I get closer to my reach the goal of my dreams.
With gratitude