Sep 6, 2011

Without you, in production

After a very loooooong night, with not a wink of sleep, I got up at 9 am and got ready to go to Harajuku.
The studio is not very far from Harajuku station and Takeshita street. Ah, you gotta love Takeshita street with all those lovely shops! I especially love Bodyline, which is CHEAP yet has awesome clothes.
I arrived at the studie almost an hour before the designated meeting time, but I wanted to take some time warming up my body and voice.
The recording went fairly smooth, I had a few off's here and there, but we had a very good and productive session. Toshihiro, the producer, told me, that he thought I was really good, and that my pitch was hardly off. He wasn't used to having such a productive first take with a singer, and seemed to be rather impressed.
He told me, that not many singers, can sing excactly the same way twice, but I have that ability. I guess in that sense, I am kinda like a taperecorder...I am very very good at repeating something I have learned by heart. I just didn't know how well I actually did said thing. But today I got to hear it, he took two recordings and played them at the same time, they sounded excactly the same.
Honestly I didn't know that that kind of ability was something to be proud of. But he told me to be very proud. So I will be.
He sent me a raw mix version of the song, which is far from finished in any way, but it gives you a sense of the song. So I decided to put it on youtube, so that everyone has a chance to follow my progress!
I hope everyone will enjoy my song!
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