Sep 17, 2011

Reaching for the stars

Hello again everyone!

I am now back at the dorm in Hiratsuka, and I had time to sit down and make a preview video of my 3rd song.
The name of the song is "reaching for the stars" and it is dedicated to my friend Mao Tezuka, who unfortunately took her own life, in April this year.
She meant so much to me, and I am still blaming myself for not being able to stop her.
But I know I have to live on, and become stronger, and show her that dreams can come true.

This preview is of the first melody idea for the song, it is not yet finished, and some changes will occur to the final version. Also I was sick when we recorded this, so my voice is really awful! I am sorry for the bad quality.
Please remember, that this is still just a raw version, and far from a finished song!

I hope you will enjoy this small tribute video for my dear friend Mao, may she be happy where she is now.

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Thank you!

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