Sep 5, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day

Tomorrow is the day where I will finally record my FIRST SONG! "Without you"!
I have the studio booked from 1pm to 4pm! Hopefully that will be enough recording time! Cuz i am really short on cash!
The biggest hurdle for me to get over now is the money problem. It costs me 30000 yen pr. song, and I am trying to make a DEMO which usually contains 3 songs. That means it will be 90000 yen in total for 3 songs. If I spend more than 3 hours recording each song, I will have to pay 7500 yen pr. extra hour that I spend.
It really is rather expensive to be a musician, don't you think?
I have managed to get 60000 yen in funding from my family and boyfriend. But I need to collect the last 30000 yen for the last song. And I have no idea, how to collect that money. Because I have almost no money left from my scholarship by now, and I don't earn enough or have enough shifts at my job to cover it either.

I really hope, that I somehow will be able to find the money somewhere.
I could try one thing, everyone who donates money to me, will get a signed copy of the demo CD.  Any donation is accepted with sincere gratitude. Donations can be send by my paypal account:!
If you leave a donation, please write your name and address, so I know where to send the CD to!

The CD will be sent sometime in November I expect! I want you to have a really nice product, so I will be designing a nice looking cover and the CD will be printed professionally.
I will personally sign every single copy for those who donate to this project!

I hope that people will support me and this project, only with your help, can I get closer to my reach the goal of my dreams.
With gratitude

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