Sep 12, 2011

More travelling!?!

Hello again everyone.

I feel I have to blog more about what is going on in my life, and not just about the song project.
I bet there's someone out there who'd find it interesting, but of course, there might not be either. Oh well, I will just give it a shot, and try to invite you in to my world.
At the moment, I am at a Japanese Ryokan (guesthouse) in Kamakura, or rather, in the suburbian area of Kamakura. What am I doing at a ryokan you might ask, and why? Well, two of my childhood friends are currently visiting me in Japan, and we have been travelling a bit around Japan. First we went to Kyoto, and then we took a trip to Inari and Nara. It has been so great to see all these places!
I especially loved the calm of the forrest at Inari shrine, it was really amazing, except for the mosquitos!

From Kyoto we went to Yokohama by the nightbus, and went to Kamakura, to leave our luggage at the Ryokan. It's a really nice place, it looks very traditional, and has tatami flooring and futon beds.
I can recommend it, for the traveller, who would like to see a traditional side of Japan.

Tomorrow I have to go to Tokyo early to vote. There is an election comming up in Denmark, and I find it very important to give my vote to this election, but I have to send my vote from the Danish embassy, and it has to reach Denmark by mail before the 15th, in order to count on the voting.
Which is why it HAS to be tomorrow, first thing.
I have to get up at 6, in order to be able to arrive at Shibuya around 9 am, when the embassy opens.
Mornings, are not something I am very fond of, especially not when I have to get up early! I am sooo very good at getting up LATE and going to bed very late!

On the 14th I will be at the studio again, to work on my songs. The last two of them!
I really hope that I can get some writing going, since I am having a bit of problem with the last song. I want to write a beautiful song for my friend who killed herself, but I don't know how to describe my feelings. I really want to sing a beautiful song to her. but the words won't come out right! ;_;
When here in Kamakura, I can't stop thinking about her. This is where she lived. This is where we had so much fun, just a couple of weeks before she died. And also, the last time I saw her, she was lying in a casket, body looking like an empty shell, I could feel that "she" was not there anymore. "she" was gone, and what was left, was but an empty shell, that once contained a beautiful soul.
I miss her..

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